“They are going to think I’m an idiot…this story has no merit…who am I to think others would think this is important…the hell with it!”


Sharing your creative vision with others is a very intimate personal experience. That’s an understatement; IT’S SCARY AS HELL! It’s worse than public speaking…naked! Whether it’s a script, a film or a story you feel is important enough to tell, there is an extreme feeling of vulnerability when you lay your heart and soul on the table for everyone to see and even more horrific when you premier your final product. We know, we do it all the time.  When it comes to working with creative storytelling professionals only you know what’s important to you. Just know that Mystic Road is committed to fun, productive, inspirational story telling environments and yes being critical at times is part of that process. How else will you know if the artistic concepts have merit? You need someone to debate treatments, provide different perspectives and know that your relationship is not in jeopardy. In spite of our name we don’t proclaim to be creative mystics. We just love storytelling and the creative environment that surrounds it. Sharing that with others is very important to us. We want you to be proud to have us in your life, to feel blessed to have found someone you can trust, who share similar passions and inspired thoughts. We present these biography’s for your consideration but honestly we prefer live conversation so give us a call lets get together, kick back, have a nice beverage and see where the road takes us.


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