Darin smoking a pipe and walking.

If you ask Darin what he watches on TV, he'll tell you “anything that hints at surprising me with a great story… film, TV, documentaries even sports I’m just a sucker for a great story and great dialog.”  This 46 year old family man got started in this industry much later in life than most.  “When I was in high school I was told you had to be dead in order to make money in the creative arts… for some reason that didn’t sound appealing to me, so I decided on a business major.” Darin has been in broadcast and corporate communications for merely 15 years. Prior to this, he spent 10 years successfully developing a progressive rehabilitation business in the volatile medical industry of the 90’s providing him with the strong business acumen to handle end-to-end project coordination, management and work-flow efficiencies required in today’s corporate and TV production environments.  Darin is an insightful seasoned media professional that is less like a fine wine and more like a Delmonico steak. He has a tremendous passion for the power of stories and inspiration for projects most often hit’s him when he is out riding his 1950 pan head Harley Davidson. “That’s when I am free to do my best thinking, brings me back to center you know?” He remains true to his blue-collar roots, never forgetting what it was like to work in the tombs of a battery manufacturing plant. But he has only just begun his creative ride. “I finally feel truly qualified with enough real world industry experience to make a difference.” Darin has a rather varied professional background in the industry. That is to say along with his highly creative strategic vision he possesses pre-production, production and post production expertise in the technical details and resources involved to bring the vision of a story to life.  “I’m a script to screen kind of guy! I think that’s what makes me truly unique. It’s definitely what’s paid the bills! I have actually sat in all the chairs of responsibility, actually pushed the buttons and made money doing all of it. I feel truly blessed to be qualified in that way and intend to continue to put that experience to work on story’s I have yet to tell.”


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