Many people survive terribly enduring things in their lives. But how? How do they think themselves thru it? Is it just human nature, innate survival mechanisms that just take over?  Or is it something more and if shared can these tools help others? “liv” is a feature length film currently under production that is an exploration of the psychological, sociological and emotional coping mechanisms individuals use when they find themselves under intense, LONG TERM, life threatening circumstances. In this particular case we are focusing on discovering cancer survivor success stories and exploring the mental tools they used to beat the odds and not just survive but liv!


If you or someone you know is a cancer survivor and would like to be considered as a candidate for the film, please contact Darin H. Hein at 484.651.7557 or via; e-mail at We are looking for candidates who have not just defied the odds but have done so with an attitude for living like no other. Individuals who even during treatment maintained a vibrance for beating the unbeatable. Candidates with not just a love for life but a love for living every moment of it.


We appreciate any help you might be able to provide to see the film and it’s important message is a success.




Thank You.


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The LIV Project

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