As seasoned media professionals we have been in the aura of film making and TV production most of our lives but found ourselves working more and more on corporate billable and less on the calling of story. For us at Mystic Road we can no longer deny that which makes us whole. We have surrendered to the fact that story’s… well they pic you… you don’t pick them. They take up residence in your soul and cry for your reverence. They care not about your financial responsibilities or any other mundane fairy tale you have told yourself to circumvent their being. To dishonor them by letting them fall silent haunts you like a half remembered dream gnawing away at your artistic spirit. Oh Yeh! We’re going to give our audiences something to think upon. but what about you? Have the cries of those worth telling fallen silent for you?  Give us a chance to help you tell the stories that have been growing in your heart and lets discover together the memories they will leave behind.

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Photography by D.H.Hein